Sea Level Rise

Educating Coastal Communities About Sea-level Rise

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FACT: Sea levels across Canada are changing.

FICTION: There's nothing you can do about it.

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Sea-level Rise and
What You Can Do About It!

You too can be a sea-level rise expert

What is sea-level rise? What does it have to do with climate change? How much is sea level rising? Who makes these predictions? What causes it? What does it mean for me? Find answers to all of these questions and more on our SLR 101 and SLR + You pages.

Sea-level rise impacts everyone - you're not alone!

It's well known that we are stronger together. Use our interactive map to share your sea-level rise impact observations and connect with what fellow coastal stakeholders across the country are observing on their coastlines. Are you talking about sea-level rise in your community? Let us know! We are hosting over 35 planning for sea-level rise workshops over the next few years in coastal communities across Canada. Check in here for workshop locations, dates, and fact sheets about what we learned in each community.

There's no one right answer…EXPLORE tools, approaches, and resources for sea-level rise planning!

What can we do about sea-level rise? The answer to this question is: plan and adapt; protect, accommodate, retreat, or avoid. However there is no one right way to adapt! In fact, often the best approach is using a combination of techniques that work well together. Explore different tools and adaptation approaches and discover what might work in your community.

Not all heroes wear capes…some start community planning for sea-level rise now!

Planning begins with conversation. Use our discussion toolkit to help start, enhance, and guide conversations around planning for sea-level rise in your community. Dig into mapping sea-level rise impacts, prioritizing vulnerable areas, identifying stakeholders with interest and influence, discussing adaptation options, creating action items, and more!

The ECoAS Project

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