Sea Level Rise

Educating Coastal Communities About Sea-level Rise

The ECoAS Project

Resources to Start Sea-level Rise
Conversations in Your Community

How do you start to plan for sea-level rise? Sometimes it can be challenging to even begin the conversation and sometimes the conversation ends quickly when capacity and money enter the picture.  This discussion toolkit is meant to help start, enhance, and guide conversations around planning for sea-level rise in your community.

Use these resources to help

  • Map sea-level rise impacts
  • Identify important coastal assets
  • Prioritize vulnerable areas
  • Assess the interest and influence of coastal stakeholders
  • Engage with stakeholders
  • Explore adaptation options
  • Support the creation of a community working group
  • Identify next steps and action items

How it works

While the toolkit is organized so that you can start with assessing sea level rise impacts and end with planning, there is no right way to use these resources.  Use one activity on its own or use every activity, start to finish. Have a quick conversation about sea level rise planning by staying at Level 1 activities or take the time to have a deep discussion by using Levels 1-3; whatever is needed in your community. The resources are not here to provide a rigid framework for solving all of your sea-level rise challenges, but to support you in beginning the important discussion around planning for sea-level rise and to guide and enhance your conversations.


Note: If you have a planning for sea-level rise discussion, don't forget to add a "We're Talking About Sea-level Rise Here!" point on our interactive map.


Happy Planning!

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